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MaKingONE - Manufacturing Business Suite per SAP Business One
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For Manufacturing

The Addon created for SAP Business One
Addon Certificato

The Add on you need to manage your manufacturing with SAP Business One.


Created for small and medium businesses

The solution configured and integrated in a flexible way for SAP Business ONE, to satisfy a wide range of business realities, from the simplest to the most complex.


Integrated Solution

MaKingOne's functionalities are accessible in SAP Business One masks and communicate at a native level with its functions, on which the user was trained.

Additional Features

Extended Solution

MaKingONE can be set up in simplified versions, to provide more basic functions, or in unabridged version to act both as a software solution and as a knowledge base of best practices tested in decades of experience in different business types.

Production for SMB
MaKingONE, extended manufacturing addon per SAP Business One
The ideal solution to manage it

SAP Business One is an international ERP platform created to support small and medium businesses.

MaKingONE is the natural extension
of the capabilities of SAP Business One

for manufacturing businesses, focused on supporting the processes of management and control of production areas, logistics, procurement and management control.

Make to stock

Make to stock

Make to order

Make to order

Engineering to order

Engineering to order

The application of these production logics can also be requested in a mixed mode, even for medium and small businesses. MaKingONE allows to simplify the production process management methodologies even in businesses with a reduced availability of internal resources.

The huge availability of configurable functionalities and case studies combined with Sap Business One potentials and technologies, allow to build a strong support platform to medium and small size businesses with complex management needs.

  • Make to Stock - Make to Order Scenario

    To all the businesses with a manufacturing process based on inventory planning or regarding to customer order, without the need to start a job order production.

  • Engineering to Order Scenario

    To all the businesses which operate on orders with special needs such as: to follow the progress, identify the costs, attribute materials and customize the product of a specific order.

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Configurable on different businesses

MaKingONE is able to be configured to support different business cases also with compelx manufacturing processes, which may require several types of production simultaneously active:

Additional Features


A series of extension to the functions of SAP Business ONE


Stock projection


Needs plan control
Alarms delay control
Generation activity implosion
Needs destination control


Generation proposals control
Producable C.R.P infinite capacity
Internal scheduler load analysis
Internal Scheduler

Working Scheduling

GANTT Capacity Scheduler
Documents progress

Job Order Productions

Parameterizable document number
Documents attachments revision
Configurable DB structure linked with customer order


Barcode worksheet print
F.D.C. Stand Alone F.D.C. Mobile
Configurable waste management

Lifo Storage Enhancement

Product and Job Order Costs

Products standard
Real products costs
Graphic analysis of costs

Project Management

Definition Milestone View
Configurable signaling anomalies
Project control Update in real time

Working Account

Wherehouses list processing
Single shipping Phase orders

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For specialized businesses

Our verticalizations

Pre-configured models

For this kind of companies, we have already pre-configured solutions based on makingONE

  • Moulding

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To understand the flexibility of MakingONE solutions:

Here you can find some numbers


Configurable menu items


Configurations parameters


configurable M1 functions

If you are wondering in which areas MaKingONE is already employed

Look here

Food industry





Addon per la gestione della produzione

Certificato per SAP Business One

"Addon Certificato

"This certificate confirms the existence of product features in accordance with SAP certification procedures"



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